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August/September Issue

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Tips of the Month

Kodiak isn't just for your tube jigs. If you rub it on your hands, it works great as a scent deterrent. (It also makes a great lubricant for your seat swivels.)

-Louie Mansfield, Missouri

Fisherman's Tip #1


Ultralight Tactics for Crappie in Timber

by John Neporadny, Jr.

B'n'M Pros on Ebony and Ivory

by Phillip Gentry

Going Deep for Big Crappie

by John Felsher

Finer Points of Crankbaits

by Tim Huffman

Fisherman's Tip #2

Diaper pins (or large safety pins) are a great way to keep up with swivels.

-Wade Mansfield, Missouri

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